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Microsoft Windows Azure is a platform which assists in developing and deploying cloud applications and services. This application saves money and matches dynamic workloads, which increases productivity, as your team is able to work on more strategic projects instead of maintenance and support.


Most commonly overlooked benefit of cloud is ability to create secure and reliable cloud based services that expose line of business and back off systems to company’s own on-or off premises applications. This platform offers a wide range of services and provides four options for doing this  as in virtual machines, cloud services, websites and mobile services. All have different role-plays and  depends on the mission of the company whether to use one, or combine all.

AnAr manages your company’s move into the cloud. We work with our clients to understand their set up, applications and their expectations from cloud computing. Our specialists help you in reducing cost and improve service delivery in line with business priorities. Seems interesting? For more information contact us via and via our website

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