QA and Testing

Incorporate digital testing for your Agile and DevOps

Our goal is to provide complete peace of mind that your software will deliver an exceptional, error-free customer experience. It is not just about finding bugs and sending error reports. Our new and advanced approach eliminates errors, reduces overall cycle time, and debugs application for a bug-free solution.

Keeping customized clients’ requirements at center, we offer a comprehensive set of manual and automated testing services adhering to standard quality assurance practices and solutions. Digital technology is changing the world faster than ever, and enterprises are making all efforts to leverage its potential to the fullest. AnAr is a trusted partner for your digital QA needs and ensures your customers get the best experience every time they interact with you in the digital world. With proven experience in mobile & web app testing services and an end-to-end service portfolio.

Our dedicated team of inventive Quality assurance engineers performs high-quality QA testing services to provide reliable, scalable and robust software solutions. What do we do AnAr can address various challenges like functionality, performance, security, usability, and cross-device compatibility of your applications across the entire digital gamut.

We cover the QA and testing process from start to finish with test management, test automation and a range of specialty services, including: Test planning, requirements definition and verification, test case design, traceability matrix and test case evaluation, and defect management and coverage analysis. We closely work with clients in various methodologies (e.g., Agile, Iterative or DevOps) to offer digital testing services for mobile or website applications and ensure faster time to market for your digital applications/software Testing & QA Services

QA best practices?

  1. Test one thing at a time: tests should have clear objectives. Each test should focus on a feature or look at things like user interface or security. 
  2. Use regression tests: testing a main feature once isn’t enough. New additions to the code repository can interfere with features that previously passed tests.
  3. Report and track bugs: determine how bugs will be reported and what kind of data is needed. Choose a bug tracking tool adapted to your workflow and determine which QA metrics will be tracked.
  4. Leverage analytics: keep records of every test conducted and use this data to determine where bugs are likely to occur. This data will help you to develop new tests that address problem areas.
  5. Choose the right environment for tests: try covering a wide range of scenarios, including different devices, OS and user profiles.
  6. Use unit and integration tests: unit tests will isolate each component of your app, while integration tests will assess how well each subsystem works. Run unit tests in parallel to save time, but don’t move onto integration tests until you have ensured that individual components work like they should.
  7. Don’t neglect the UI: use functional tests performed by human testers to perform end-to-end scenarios and get a feel for the UI of the app. It might be best to wait until you have fixed issues detected during unit and integration tests.

Automation Testing Services

Automated software testing is critical to success in today’s competitive business climate. To get it right, you need to employ top testers who implement innovative automation frameworks using the most current tools. We offer a comprehensive range of test automation services to meet your goal of increasing velocity throughout the software development lifecycle.

  • Get testing automated to maximize ROI.
  • Swift, precise and productive results.
  • Reduced delivery time.
  • Comprehensive & end-to-end application testing.
  • Experienced automation team.
  • Effective defect reporting.

Mobile App Testing Services

  • Robust and high performing mobile applications.
  • Enjoy exceptional compatibility across multiple platforms, OS, devices.
  • Get ample regression coverage.
  • With us accelerate time to market & deliver superior customer experience.
  • With our mobile application testing accelerate time to market & deliver superior customer experience.

Manual Testing Services

  • Effective UI & User Acceptance Testing, error handling, installation, & security.
  • Get functional and regression testing that ensures high software quality.
  • Experienced and qualified QA teams. Agile mobile & desktop app testing and quality assurance services.

Functional Testing Services

  • Specification-based testing.
  • Meet functional expectations, for users.
  • Ensure specifications compliance.
  • Verification and validation of apps.
  • Use the latest automation tools & frameworks and test against storms.

Localization Testing Services

  • Verify localization for a culture/locale.
  • Executed only on the localized version of the product.
  • Specified operations on localized OS.
  • Validate consistency and accuracy.
  • Make localized content linguistically, culturally, & contextually appropriate.

Performance Testing Services

  • Determine the responsiveness, reliability, and scalability of systems.
  • Identification of issue source.
  • Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for improvements.
  • Access production readiness.
  • Compare multiple systems and configs.

Regression Testing Services

  • Systematic, risk-free approach.
  • Maximum coverage.
  • Ensures integrity & intended functioning.
  • Increase productivity & efficiency.
  • Time to market, reduced.
  • Get a managed software testing process.

Security Testing Services

  • Prevent potential breaches.
  • In-depth security assessment.
  • Effective risk management.
  • Increase business continuity.
  • Protect company reputation, clients, partners & third parties.

Usability Testing Services

  • Captivate users.
  • Stimulate actual user behavior.
  • Incorporate user feedback.
  • Get expert support and guidance.
  • Results throughout the development lifecycle.

API Testing Services

  • Faster & automated testing and seamless integration.
  • API specification review, test case development, execution, & report.
  • Quality load testing, security testing, etc.
  • Get a software product with great functionality, reliability, performance, & security.

Cloud Testing Services

  • Get cloud-based manual testing automated testing, & robust testing as a service.
  • On-demand, preconfigured tools and testing environment with built-in features.
  • Enjoy unlimited storage, quick availability of infrastructure, scalability, etc.
  • Get effective Software testing and quality results.

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