Application Rationalization

Application Rationalization

Helping you to simplify your enterprise application portfolio by consolidating, rationalizing or retiring redundant, under-utilized applications in your IT landscape

Businesses application rationalization typically occurs when IT enterprises undergo business transformation through mergers or acquisitions. Another driving factor to rationalize application portfolios is strategic shifts to address the evolving IT landscape. This results in altering business dynamics and in turn, driving replacement, retirement, modernization or consolidation of legacy applications.

While a holistic application portfolio assessment plays a vital role – AnAr team analyses the Business Impact and then Recommendation are made, wither to Keep the applications, Replace or Retire them or entirely Rebuild them. This is done with supporting Cost Benefit Analysis.

Application Rationalization is a critical function of your IT team. What’s important to remember is that it isn’t a one-time action. Rather, it is an on-going process of transforming your application(s) to facilitate changes in your business processes and industry.

The need to leverage the power of Cloud Computing has made Application Rationalization even more important. So, IT teams need to strategize how they optimize and migrate applications to the Cloud.

The common strategies include – Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Replace, Retire, or Retain

Application portfolio rationalization improves efficiency, reduces complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership by a considerable margin. We suggests application portfolio rationalization for enterprises when:

  • Modernizing aging and mission-critical or high-value applications
  • Eliminating redundant applications
  • Retiring aging and low-value applications
  • Consolidating the current app line up – logically, physically or both
  • Standardizing on common technology platform and version

We ensure that enterprises achieve business transformation by preparing their application portfolios to leverage cloud infrastructure, analytics, social and mobile integrations.

AnAr helps enterprises in reviewing existing applications and developing application strategies to rationalize legacy application portfolios to become future-enabled. A detailed Integration Plan is developed to have seamless integration for all applications to remove Silos. Application Security and cost of ownership are the top priority while we think of application Rationalization. The plans are made considering the Roadmap for execution along with Risks and mitigations. Contact us for detailed review and further discussions.

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