When should a company launch its Product?

When should a company launch its Product

When should a company launch its Product?

This is a classic question which needs to be answered by all product companies, be it an enterprise or a start-up.

Product Manager needs to strike balance between:

  • Defining product launch scope and adjusting it
  • New feature development
  • Defect fixes
  • Address technical debt
  • Time at hand

Product developers and designers think that there are still few code changes they need to make so that there are more features with the release.

It is crucial to draw a line between better product vs time to market. It is easier said than done as all the questions product manager/owner needs to answer are going to set future for the product and entire team.

  • If release date is pushed multiple times, it creates a wait culture in product teams. Further if product is not launched sooner, real end user feedback will be delayed, leading to features not in line with user needs and wants.
  • To meet product launch timelines, quality cannot be compromised. Buggy product will wipe away all Sales and Marketing team’s efforts. It will also lead to negative word of mouth, reducing Customer lifetime value and many more
  • If features are not as per expectations of end users then Product’s value proposition will be hampered.
  • If Technical debt is carried forward, it is going to come back with interest 🙂 Each development effort will be little more than what it should have been with clean code.

Product Manager/owner can take good decisions if they receive reliable inputs from technical team. If it is an offshore team then feedback loop from technical team to Product team is little more complex.

AnAr team has been phenomenal in setting up such feedback loops wherein Product owner can rely on technical team feedback while taking crucial decisions for their products

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