How are we running smoothly amidst Covid-19 Crisis?

How are we running smoothly with Covid-19 Crisis?

On Tuesday, when news of couple testing positive for Coronavirus in our city came, my mind was crowded with mixed thoughts. As a mother, I was worried for my kids and as a business leader, I knew that we need to be prepared for massive impact coming due to social distancing. As a corporate citizen, we have responsibility to co-operate with authorities and set good examples in front of our team members without spreading panic.

We were in process of planning annual day party over weekend. It was first thing which we had to reschedule. Many of our team members were reluctant with a thought that it is just a hype which will subside within few days. We discussed with our team and agreed to have a small celebration in office on Thursday with a promise for more elaborate celebration later.

We need to give assurance to our team who were scared. We discussed with them and let them work from home. It was pretty seamless with partial team working from office. However we knew that it is not going to suffice and we may need to be prepared for 100% remote working. Our infrastructure team was on it with testing our existing infrastructure, co-ordinating with team members facing challenges for their connectivity and within a day we were ready for 100% remote working.

Infrastructure is just one aspect of remote working. We need to ensure that we are not compromising productivity and quality of our work. Also need to keep morale high for our team. We are having close and frequent communication channels with our Clients and team to address if any challenges.

Today most of us are working remotely. We are having all our internal meetings/discussions over video conferencing. Our HR team is coming up with various initiatives to keep our teams engaged. Sometimes it gets monotonous to work from home. I am sure these engagement initiatives will bring a smile on their face. We are also coming up with tea time chat initiative. It is to compensate our tea time chit chats which team would have been missing.

This is a small contribution from AnAr team to fight Covid-19 crisis and help authorities with supporting social distancing. I will be keen to understand how you are managing your businesses during this tough period.

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